Monday, August 18, 2008

If You Need A Toe Nail Painter, I Am Your Girl. Otherwise, Fo-getta Bout-it

I am fighting the changes in my life. I remember back when I had no schedule and could go to The Gap at a moments notice. I remember back when I could stay at the lake all day and back when my swimsuit was the main article of clothing in my life. But now, now the Ball Field has consumed my life. And with TWO TWERPS involved, we seem to be there every night. So I figure I better make the most of this situation and capitalize on my time.

Enter Exhibit Numero Uno:And let me just say...the barometric pressure and humidity index and hydraulic fluid were PERFECT for a little toe nail painting. And soon I heard people calling for volunteers for score book keeper person and third base coach waver and umpire harasser..and I was all like, ''I would SO like to help, but I have wet toe nails and all. Sorry.''

Then I tried to sneak away so I could not be found. These peeps have NO CLUE how inadequate I am for any official position on the team. I do not even own tennis shoes. Seriously.

Soon, I found the perfect little spot.Then my eyes started getting really heavy and the wind was lulling me to rest for a moment. But soon I heard people calling my name ...these people are persistaent...and...and...
STANDING IN MY SUN...GASP -- I cannot live in conditions like these.

We are enrolling in gymnastics tomorrow.


Becky :) said...

You are cracking me up!!!! Although I will say that the toe nail painting looks good. Did mine just yesterday. But if I ever did or do that at my sons games he will disown me. But lets be serious I'm usually the mom screaming and whooping it up for the team.

Lacey Jo said...

I just can not get enough of your blog! You always give me a much needed giggle to my day.

K :) Family Historian said...

Just came across your blog and have really enjoyed strolling through your posts. Fun, real, and interesting. Love it!

Dana Jones said...

my two brothers both played baseball and I played softball. We spent every moment outside of school at the ballpark. Then one year my mom threatened my dad with the big D if he coached another year! And we started having more normal family time, like dinner at home and stuff.