Monday, August 18, 2008

Uhm...Help! This Might Be A Long Season.

I just became became Dug Out Mom. Uhm, can someone please tell me what a Dug Out is? And will I have to birth him? And how much does he weigh? I kid. I kid. I KNOW what a Dug Out is. I just get confused on which one is ours.
And is there specific attire?
Cause I am all for a new outfit.
And can there please be jewelry involved?If so, I will bring my burnt offerings to the Dug Out Gods.
Country Girl


Becky :) said...

Oh CG, you would make a great Dug Out Mom. I loved that. You're so much closer to the game. You will have fun. You can chant with the kids but make sure you keep them from climbing the fence inside the Dug Out.
It's so much fun I swear, and totally bring on the new outfit just be prepared to get a little dirty. Jewlery, they totally encourage it. You can use the big pieces as weapons if the little twerps decide to revolt against you. :-) I kid I kid....well maybe not.
You'll be awesome!!!!

Dana Jones said...

Just be glad they didn't ask you to be scorekeeper!
Wear anything you think sparks team pride! You'll be great!

Ansbaughmom said...

Oh girl-little league is a whole nother world. I'm sure you will get the cute little Polo shirt with "Twerps'" Mom on the back. Good luck-may the force be with you. Can't wait to hear of the adventures from this!!