Monday, August 18, 2008

Town Festival 8,421

Guess what our town had this weekend? A drug raid...maybe. A baby? No! A civil war reenactment? Probably. A festival...why Lordy-Be, YES! That is right -- our new home in our new town in our new state in our new time zone has a festival like every weekend...and I love it. This time Baby Twerp was showin some of his skillz. He picked this up from him momma. And what have we here...Are these BELLY DANCERS. YES!!! The town has a whole slew of belly dancer. Think I should sign up?
Then there was a Magic Show for the Twerps.Middle Twerp had a front row seat.
And this is where Baby Twerp stayed the entire time...cause we all know how social he is.

And the food...Well goodness gracious...there were 12,000 hot dogs...seriously. That is a lot of pig snouts and hooves. I like me some pig snouts...and so does Baby Twerp.Course...there ain't much me a Baby Twerp won't eat. Burp.


Laura B. said...

I LOVE Eldest Twerp's hair and face painting!!! You guys are always having so much fun...I think I'm just plain jaded about this place. ;-)

theotherblonde said...

I hear, belly dancing is good for the abs. You know those "core" muscles. (Whatever those are) Looks like a good time!

feather k said...

Are these "festivals" really festivals that you've been attending, or do you and the twerps load up to crash cookouts, birthday parties, celebrations, reunions, etc. of those in your surrounding area... :)

Dana Jones said...

Not to be mean or anything, but why is it the belly dancing girls all have... belly's? I've noticed that in our neck of the woods too.

If it is a pre-requisite, your belly might be too flat to qualify.