Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wise Old Mountain Man From Tibet? or Price Is Right Yodeler? You Decide

We went for a little hike at the local neighborhood mountain today.
And by little I mean, if someone had not bet me I could not do it, I would have turned around cause it was hot and I was sweaty...but I had to reach the top.
The wonders of what might await me at the top drove me on and on.
Would it be beautiful wildflowers or a view that was breathtaking or a a wise old man from Tibet that could solve all my problems. What beautiful treasures did the top of this mountain hold?
One hour and forty minutes, six bottles of Gatorade, and many piggy back rides later...we arrived. I was starting to feel like that yodeling mountain man on Price Is Right...can I get a witness?And what beautiful treasure was awaiting us?
A gold plate that said we were at the top...ya know, just in case we could not figure it out...shew, thank goodness that was there.
And SURPRISE...a cannon. Nothing would be complete in this town without a cannon. Ya can;t swing a dead cat around here without hitting a cannon...But wait..where was my wise old man?
Uhm, not exactly what I was looking for...but again, Confederate soldiers around here are no big surprise either. I swear I don't make this stuff up.


Simply Me... said...

Hey sweetie I feel like I'm so far behind, you post so much and you can write like mad I wish I could I'm lucky if I post once a week! Hope all is well and how's that firepit holding up? did you get those pinecones yet? Have a week-end...

Marchelle said...

Do I need to send Doc in the Delorean down there to bring your town back from 1865? Cause I will.

Marchelle said...

SHUT UP i just noticed you had Adam Sandler - I Wanna Grow Old With You on your music player! That's me and Mr. Clean's song! I just entered it on PW's Zune contest yesterday!
I love you Country Girl.

Treasia said...

How you do it amazes me. Hiking, swimming, farmer's market, and blogging as often as you do. Not to mention taking care of the three kids.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

simply me -- come on over and drink some sweet tea and stay awhile..we will catch up

marchelle -- i know, i love that song...ij and i dance in the moonlight and dream to that song...and i potty train to it

treasia -- honey it is the combo of speed and prozac...i am accomplish all things through drugs who strengthen me.