Friday, December 12, 2008

Ask Me, I'll Tell Ya

I am an open book. A sea of information -- useless mundane knowledge, but nonetheless, I have a plethora of it.

So ask way. If ya wanna. I'll tell it all -- over or under with the toilet paper? Scruncher or folder? Caff or decaf? Fears? Favorites? Shoe size? Bad habits? Weird dreams? Bra size? Don't go there. That one's in the vault.

Anyhoo, if I were you I would close this post down and go scrub the little hairs away from behind the toilet. Or clean my lint trap. Or scrub behind my refrigerator. Or eat a raw onion. Cause all of those things are exponentially more pleasant than reading one more useless piece of information about me.

But for those of you still here -- Lo? Marchelle? Linda? Dana? Hello? Hello? {insert crickets}... Post a comment or email me at:

I'll post my answers Monday. Ask me. I'll tell ya. I will bare all. Probably. More than likely.



Brandy said...

Good Morning!
I would like to know what is on your Christmas wish list?

Have A Wonderful Day!

Scrappy Girl said...

How does IJ feel about your blogging? How does he feel about your camera being a permanent attachment to your body?

I am not judgin' I have the same addictions...just wondered how IJ felt compared to to great big BF Dr. Hubby had the other night!

HiHoOhio said...

Dream Girl, music is obviously important....can you sing????

Casey said...

I'm not sure if I have commented before but I figure this is a good time. I'll go with a military theme...

If you could kick one spouse off your base, who (in general terms) and why?

Lo said...

bewahahahha oh girl you are too funny. i would read ANYTHING you put up here. even your bra size. (if i had to.)

hrm. what haven't i asked you already??? good lord this is hard. okay.

crunchy or smooth?

scrunchy or elastic?

bar soap or liquid? and what kind?

waht are your favorite socks in the whole wide world to wear? (i personally prefer Hanes. they say 'hanes' in PINK on the bottom!)

do you ever paint your nails? what color? are they ALWAYS painted or just for fun occassions?

what's your favorite beach?

if you could take a vacation in the U.S. right now, anywhere, where would you go? why?

Kristin said...

What is the story with selling your house and moving?

Steph said...

I am bran' spankin' new to your blog. I don't know anything about you except that you are a hoot!

There are so many questions out there for me to grab...

Since you won't share your bra size, how about a story of how you and IJ met? Was it all mushy and romantic? Or did you go out with him out of morbid curiosity? Do tell!

*J said...

How old were you and IJ when you got married?

Molly said...

Hi CG!! I was wondering how you came to the famous land of blogging? I stumbled upon it while I was recovering from my appendix rupturing and have fallen in love with posting and as my husband calls it "stalking" others blogs HEHE. Have a great weekend!!!

~ Molly P

Marchelle said...

how many dr peppers with lime can you drink in one sitting before you have to pee?

what's your favorite candy?

ok and one more...
so IJ is in the USAF. does he have the dish on the aliens that crashed at roswell? look, we're not stupid. we know it happened. and you guys are tight so i know he's told you, and you can share it with us. we are your BFFs and we would NEVER tell ANYONE. cross my heart and hope to die. stick a needle in my eye. well, not my eye. lo will take one for the team i bet, we'll stick it in her eye. but i will pinky swear.

Linda said...

Hmmmm...must find a really good question.....

ptamom3 said...

Raising girls or boys- Which is easier? How do you instill respect for their elders?

Natural hair color?

Have you kept ANY presents for the kids a secret or have you gave them all to them already?

Lo said...

hahaahha er... well, i'd take one for the team. cuz i'm loyal like that and all. but really? what IS the deal with those pesky aliens??? IJ MUST know SOMETHING. and make sure he looks you in the eye when you confront him cuz i bet the government knows how to lie rrreeeealllll good :)

Brandy said...

Also, why did you find a new home for your dog? Was it because you are planning on moving?
And also, what ever happened to the perv-o that lived down the street??

edie said...

Hi CG,
1. What kind of foundation/powder do you use?
2. Are you traveling for the holidays? To where?
3. What is your religious affiliation?
4. Do you collect anything?
5. What movie character is most like your personality?
6. What do you find is the hardest part about working?
7. Who's your favorite pro football team?
8. Tell us about any roller rink experience in your past. Did you own your own skates? Pompom on the toe?
9. Do you ever find blogging to be a burden?
Wish we were enjoying a peppermint latte as we chat.....Have a great weekend!
Hugs and love, edie

Linda said...

OK. With all due respect to IJ and the Twerps...if you could go anywhere, vacation anywhere where would you go, what would you do? Safari? Diving?

edie said...

Oh and I'm so thinking about that hair appt already. I may not have fully communicated my thoughts last time. I'll have a full-on power point presentation ready for this one. Don't you worry.

Dana and Daisy said...

i have questions but steve is putting the brakes on my blogging for now, so I'll have to sneak back later and ask.
Does IJ ever do that to you?

feather k said...

hmmm what do I not know....

How old were you when you lost your first tooth?

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Who would check on your dogs when you were pulling a double and set off the alarm?

Who is your favorite person in the world whose name starts with F?

Tracie said...

Oh my! After reading all those, I forgot what my question was!!!

Tracie said...

Oh yea!

Tell us more about how the new job is going? Do you like it, hate it, people nice or stuck up? etc.

Dana and Daisy said...

I am curious , vary vary curious, in a southern drawl way about two thangs,

1. Does your new boss realize you blog at your new job, or are you doing that like at 3 am right after your shower, wash your hair, shave your legs and scare the pee pee out et? I'm not judgin' just curious how you get away with that in case I go back to work and try blogging on the job too?

and 2. How do you ever keep that slender figure of yours? Again, no judgin' here but it seems to me when you show pics of you eatin' you have a healthy appetite. What do you do? Like starve all the days in between food posts? Or what? Cause I would like to join the Country Girl Diet plan if you have one.

Writer Chick said...

1. I, too, want to know why Jeter got the boot.

2. IJ--tighty whitys, boxers or commando.

3. If one of your twerps reported you to family services for being the meanest mom in the world, which one would do it and why? (not like I think you're a mean mom, but we all know that one of of our kids would squeal us out given the opportunity. Mine still holds it up to me that I grounded her from her Senior Homecoming. Don't judge me. She deserved it.)

Stacey said...

OK I am one of "those" who just stalk random blogs I come across - yep too much time on my hands (sang in my best off key voice)..anywho found your blog on edies blog (whom I don't know but now blog stalk). I sooooo want to be you girls friend. You are some funny funny girls!! Anyways...just thought I'd say hi - and really if you need a friend call me.....he he he (really I am not one of "those" who are creepy - I promise)