Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Great Couch Debate

Can I just say that I really do not like the Charlie Brown cartoons that come on at the holidays? Like the Thanksgiving one, and then the Christmas one, and then the New Year's one....I remembered them much more fondly as a kid.

BUT I make my kids watch them cause I watched them and that is what you do. You pass on tradition, even if it is not good anymore.

I also make them chop wood cause that is what my grand pappy did. Probably. And it keeps them out of the house for a few hours.

Now you may be thinkin, "SHE GIVES THEM AN AX?" Please don't judge me.


My response is, "You have to expect a few losses in a big operation like this. Mmmm-kay?"Anyhoo, we were watchin cartoons and YES ET has mismatched jammies on. I can't explain it. Please forgive for her mother knows not where the bottoms are...or the tops. Probably in the piles of dirty laundry. Details Schmetails.

Anyhoo, I had IJ help me rearrange the furniture....and I vacuumed. Cause I am totally anal about vacuuming. And lip gloss. But not at the same time. Usually. Anyhoo, it needs a rug and another chair and some pink boas. BUT...
I think I am gonna move the couch in front of the windows.
Maybe. If I can ever get these four hineys off of it.
What do you think?


Tracie said...

One more chair and a rug and I think you've got yourself a winner just where it is. But it's your house, so you know do what you want!! LOL

Jenn said...

Yes. In front of windows. Period.

And then post pics.

feather k said...

did you say you have anal lip gloss?? I think I should go re-read it...

Marchelle said...

ok i just totally forgot what i was gonna say after reading feather's comment!!! LOL

anywho, i like the couch there, but i think you still need a loveseat or another chair/ottoman opposite the other chair.

and we have the same vacuum. can i get a amen for the purple dyson?

Dana and Daisy said...

I am crackin' up at Feather! Uhm, okay, it was my idea, and I am a sore loser and all, but I think it just needs a sofa table behind it, a coffee table in front of it and big pink fuzzy heart with glitter rug under it. BUt if you want to, try the window. I can deal with the pain of rejection.

Actually, the window would be a good place too, but I was wondering where would you put the Christmas tree, like you know, next year? ;~)

And I LOVE Charlie Brown! You are skatin' on thin ice sistah! just kidding, sort of. no really, kidding.

Dana and Daisy said...

Okay, I looked again, YOU have a sofa table, girl, right under that cool gothic looking window mirror thingy. Try that behind the sofa.

But for sure, you need more furniture. And a maid, cause that is a big house and there are too many toilets for one girl to clean herself. Though you are doing a fantastic job so far.

Anonymous said...

i like the couch in front of the fireplace myself but that's just me.

And I'm cracking up over feather's comment. LOL

~Uncle Trixie~

mimi said...

What I think is....I like your boots! I'm a bit obsessed with furniture moving. I like the couch either in front of the windows or the fireplace. Will the tv where it is? Love your blog, very fun!

The Blonde Duck said...

I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi! Happy New Year!

Tracie said...

AMEN for the Dyson!! I have one too!

And I don't like those Charlie Brown cartoons either. I saw the New Years one was on the other night and quickly turned it before anyone else saw!

ptamom3 said...

Ok I didn't see my comment left yesterday about your couch placement by the window- I hope I didn't offend you by saying that you didn't look happy in the picture- that was not my intent at all.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

pta mom -- i promise i never got your comment. you could never offend me....i know how pure and sweet your spirit are an angel.


The Kelso-Winter Family said...

do not diss on c'brown's christmas one.. ok.. this year i finally not as great as i remembered but i LOVE the music.