Monday, December 22, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

So since we are moving to a new house in a new county in this new state in this new time zone in the new hemisphere, I have been stressed about one thing and one thing only: The Christmas Tree.We spent all day yesterday moving and schmoving (I have no idea what that means, I just make things up all the time). And come supper time, some people were worn out. Slackers. But not me -- not I-had-forty eleven-cups-of-coffee-and-three-cinnamon-rolls-and-the-Christmas-tree-was-still-not-moved-and-it-was-stressin-me-out me. Nope. Not me. I was rip roarin ready to go. But those silly boys were not. So I made sweetly asked ET to PLEASE make ONE more trip to the new house to help me put up the tree. She rolled her eyes at me so I told her I was takin back all her gifts and then she got in the car. We have a climate of mutual respect like that and all.

And let me just say for the record that if any of these events were on video, you would have peed your pants right now cause we were the most hideously ridiculous weaklings I have ever seen in my born days. But we did it. And we were feelin all good about ourselves until we realized we still had the angel. Lordy Be. S T R E T C H
Oh for pete's sake, just give it here..... S T R E T C H -- Lordy Be. I can't quite reach.So I look around and solve my problems with a shot gun shell box. This how I solve most problems in my life. And while it SEEMED like a mah-velous idea at the time....

I kinda sorta little lost my balance...a tad bit....And took a little minute fall. But we ain't focusin on that.Cause if at first you do not succeed. Try Try Again... Schazaam.
I am such a supha stahhhh!!!!
And so is ET..........I could not have done it without her. Plus that house is like totally super scary and creepy at night and we were spookin ourselves left and right.
Anyhoo.... As we walked out the door feelin awful satisfied and breathing a sigh of relief she looks up at me and says, "Oh, my Spa Factory is gonna look so good under that tree."

Uhm, exsqueeze me? SPA FACTORY? Hello? When was that added to the list? How did I miss that? I went to Target last night and they only had the SPA FACTORY add ons. What in God's green earth is a kid's spa factory and can someone PLEASE help a CG out??

So much for that sigh of relief, huh?

Big Pink Fuzzy Heart with Glitter LOVE,


Linda said...

You guys are totaly awesome! The tree looks fantabulous! Merry, merry Christmas!

Molly said...

Your tree looks awesome! The lights on the top of my tree went out right after I finished decorating it so we have a "topless tree" HEHE. Hope you guys have a merry christmas and get some rest after all that moving.
~ Molly P

Dana and Daisy said...

Hands down you are the best mom evah!

I have no clue about the spa factory. Maybe Santa could be working on hers and have it by New Year's?

See, I am all lame like that,

Lo said...

gorgeous!!!also? you wear me out and i'm just sittin' here!!!! i'm moving around new years (what's with the holiday movings? sheesh) and i'm soooo dreading it so what do i do? er, procrastinate. oops. :) i LURVE yer tree tho. super duper tall and awesome :)

Vaquerogirl said...

Your tree looks beautiful! YOu are ( one of the ) best Mom Ever!
Glad you got that tree up- I was worrying about it all last night!

Anonymous said...

What happened to getting rid of those blanets? lol

-Your favorite Bracht kid