Thursday, November 26, 2009

What a Difference A Year Can Make In My Life

Eldest Twerp turned 12. TWELVE. One and then Two and then Three...and now TWELVE. When I see that, I see six more years. Six more years of influence, of motherhood, of control, of nesting. Oh heaven help me. I am getting verklempt. I must move on....
Anyhoo -- ET had her best friend (and across the street neighbor) come over to help make her strawberry soda pop cake. It's her fave and what she wanted for her b-day. OF COURSE, she had a little help from Middle Twerp as well.
The entire night -- ET never made it about her --It wasn't HER cake it was THEIRS. IT wasn't HER night -- it was all of theirs. She shared her gifts....And the sweetest thing ever is she wanted to go bowling early in the night so the boys could go to. Really -- how many 12 year olds WANT to take their little brothers with them on their birthday party? She makes my heart sing.I think she needed them there to help with their dancing skills. Heaven help me. I did the electric slide -- boogie woogie woogie. And things were woogin on me that didn't woogie 20 years ago.
But this child -- I am tellin you -- Dirty Dancin. Patrick Swayze. I'm just sayin -- Patrick Swayze.
But throughout the night I saw a girl who was less concerned with herself and more concerned with what life is really all about --


And I could not be prouder.


Caroline said...

What a sweet girl! When those six years have come and gone and she leaves the nest *heaven forbid* she will do great things...and electric slide her way into the hearts of "others"...just like you! Except with less of a cheerleader influence. :)

Happy B'day ET!

Scrappy Girl said...

What a sweet girl! I am so glad life is sweeter for her!

Dana and Daisy said...

i <3 ET! Tell her I said Happy Birthday. She is a gift from above, that girl!

♥ Becky ♥ said...

You truly have awesome kids and that comes from being an awesome Mom and great influence.
Happy Birthday ET!!!

Linda said...

She is an awesome kid because she has an awesome Mom! You done good, CG!