Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Homesick

For clouds with silver linings and the smell of freshly cut grass and bare feet and giggles. Got tall corn and hide and seek.
For the smell of seed and freshly turned soil. For mice in the corn crib and crickets.
For sunsets on the porch and cups of coffee over chats. For crickets singing me to sleep and for lightening bugs.
For front porches. For mashed potatoes and gravy. Hand dipped ice cream. Country fried steak and fried chicken and meat loaf.
For people who mowsie and say lawsie mercy and wave to everyone and only need a handshake and your word.
For heritage and legacy and love.
I'm homesick. Amen.


Linda said...

Now you've made ME homesick!

Goodwife said...

Are you goin home for Christmas CG?? Sounds like you need to!

Dana and Daisy said...

mashed potatoes and gravy sound really good right now!

Deborah said...

That was a nice post!
Thank you~

Scrappy Girl said...

I get the same way...hope you get to go home for Christmas.

Angelena said...

I am home- but I would take the warm weather and green grass in your photos. Here in WV it has been C-O-L-D !! I thought about closing all the curtains and turning the heat up to 85, but somehow didn't think it would have the same bearing that summer has.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

that is so sweet and so sad and i don't do sad very well. i live in the country the cows are my neighbors and hay bales are in the front lawn. you can come over and i'll give you hand dipped ice cream and buy you fried chicken because the only thing i've ever fried is myself in the golden sunshine. and i will say lawsie mercy and we'll pretend it's Indiana and we can talk of baby jesus, and you can call me auntie...or mawmaw or mama....and by then you'll be so homesick you might start sobbing......maybe you should eat chocolate and drink wine. my specialty is succinct comments. amen. feel better. amen, amen.

A Star said...

I know how you feel. I miss my family and all the familar sights. We are going home for Christmas and I am so excited. Do you guys get to go home or are your parents going to visit you?