Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know

Dana and Daisy said...
how do you keep up with your hectic pace? what vitamins do you take?
I don't know that I do "keep up" I only know one pace. I can't sit still. Never have been able to. Some people have called it ADHD or overactive. I chose to think of it as "spirited" - you can take the girl out of cheerleading, but you can't take the cheerleader out of the girl. Ready? Okay! {insert hitchkick}

And let me just be honest, I do not keep up with it all. I have a lady who cleans my house. I only cook prepared meals from Whole Foods on weekdays. My kids wear mismatched socks ... often. They sometimes miss breakfast or don't even brush their teeth before school (I will pause for gasps and calls to CPS). But I don't sweat the small stuff. And I tell them it adds character.

Vitamins? Well, no. I did get some tests run this summer cause I was having some weird symptoms and my B12 levels came back neagative. Like I was a B12 sucker. So they told me to come in and get B12 shots! Uhm, seriously? So I have not gone. But I did go shoe shopping. Cause I have heard that genuine Italian leather has high levels of B12. It's the new homeopathic way and all. And it is WAY better than a shot. And what is B12 for anyways?

did you get a new super nanny?
Oh yes Honey - did we ever. She is from Romania and a nice round soft grandma. She LOVES my spawn and cooks supper everynight and does my laundry and folds my underwear. And she has a thick accent and speaks broken English. As you all know, Baby Twerp has a speech impediment and is not always the easiest to understand. But BT and Nanny understand each other when no one else can. Which came as a surprise to all of us. And then I realized it...the only logical solution to this was OBVIOUS. BT does not have a speech delay -- he is a gifted child who speaks fluent Romanian. This also explains his love for lettuce. Duh. I can't beleive we never saw it before.

How old where you on your first date? When you got your first curling iron? when you started wearing eye shadow?
I don't remember my first date. I am sure I was 16ish. I only had 2 "boyfriends" in high school. One was my long-term baseball boyfriend. I cheered and then went to all his games. He played baseball and we spent every waking moment together. My other guy was an older guy in college. He wore silk shirts, too much hair gel and sealed the deal with me when he asked me take a ride on his motor cycle. He was the coolest thing I had ever seen and was quite smitten. He actully was in an accident on his motorcycle one night and did not survive. He was a fabulous young man and left this life way too early. But he made a difference. At least to me. He taught me a smile can go a long way in turning around an angry heart and a sense of adventure is always worth it. He made a difference. You can read more here.

I came forth from the womb with a curlig iron in my right hand and glitter in my left. What was the glitter for? Why to throw in celebration of my arrival, of course. I always make a grand entrance when I arrive somewhere. I have always loved make-up but did not wear much. It was hard to really focus on my face when my hair was the size of a rainbow. And if your life ended today, what one thing would you wish you had done before it was over?
Two things: Make a difference and live on the farm back in Indiana.
I stay awake at night thinking about the first. Usually my sleep is stolen due to the diasppointment in my own actions. I have a desire to make a difference aorund the world, but I so
often fail with makig a difference in my day to day actions. Are people's days better because of me? Do I make an impact? Do I build people up and allow them to see themselves fo who they can be instead of who they are? Right now I have been quite judgemental to a consultant at my work. And when I think back on it, I am quite embarrassed and diappointemnt in myself. If I can't be kind to the people beside me why should I even try to go out and make a difference elsewhere?

I truly want to equip people (especailly kids) who do not even have an opportunity. Those where equity does not exsist. Those who have no one to believe in them. Those who just need a little extra help. Cause haven't we all been there? Maybe not financially but professionally or emotionally? We all have needed someone to be our biggest cheerleader -- I want to be that for those who have no one. I want to stand in their corner and be their voice -- epecailly when no one is looking.

Also, is Aunt Betty's mac and cheese recipe on here somewhere?
Aunt Betty's carrot cake is on here -- create at your risk -- will increase the size of your thighs. But I have not posted my Aunt Barbara's mac and cheese. It will make your hiney swell, but it is totally worth it.

Linda said...
How are you my friend? I'm sending Dr Pepper lipgloss to make you smile and Crazy Glue to help you hold things together. Now for my real question and since you've answered almost every one I could think of so lets make this about others....should I color my hair? snicker:D
First, is there anything that does a soul any better than Dr Pepper lip gloss? The shade can do wonders for any skin tone. Second, YES COLOR COLOR COLOR. Go with one part hooker blonde and two parts peanut butter. Amen.

Scrappy Girl said...
I remember going to my grandma's house and sitting by the gooseberry bush and eating the ones that had the pinkish tint. A few years ago my grandma surprised with a ziploc baggie filled with good...took me back!My question is what is your favorite movie of all time? Juno.

Jaime Mac said...
Now I have another question. Moving?! Whaaa?! What planet lined up or blew up to make this happen?! And what does this mean for YOUR job?!
Yes, I always knew it was out there, but I don't know if you know this about me - but I am an avoider. If there is something out there in this world that I just don't like, I go all Mr Rogers and take the trolley to Make-Believe world where there are no moves. So I have set up camp in make believe world for a year and avoided the fact we might have to move. I could avoid no longer when the big Air Force cheese called IJ and said, we need your list. So I sent it to them -- it said:

1. Bali
2. Dubai
3. Paris
4. Paradise

He sent it back. Those four star generals are so full of themselves.

So we had to be realistic. Whatever that means.

We sent in a list of three. They are all places I could still keep my job - probably - or at least do something within the company since we have offices in each of these places. But I more than anything just wanna stay in the deep south. For many many reasons.

1. Eldest Twerp - do you need to go back and read August two years ago?
2. I have a hair lady who is a goddess
3. I {heart} grits
4. No one makes fun of my accent
5. Nanny Romania
6. It's warm
7. And 2 hours from the beach
8. Amen

jill (of snowy cold mn) said...
hi CG -- i didn't run away. i'm commenting instead.first, since you can cook like nobodys business will you share more recipes? please?! because i love love love your german coffee cake (that will make you yodel). i even made it for a class potluck since we had to bring a food related to our ethnicity. except i didn't grow up on ethnic foods. i grew up on meat and potatoes. and my teacher said that didn't count. so i brought your coffee cake. although i (and my dad) ate a third of it beforehand. also, my boss makes an amaaaazing rhubarb cream pie. and we serve it. in a restaurant. seriously, it is delicious! she makes all her own pies. so please come to nw minnesota and i will be sure to give you the biggest slice. or maybe the whole pie.
You are the cutest thing ever. That coffee cake was my Great Granma's recipe. And she also made sugar popcorn that was sooo good. And persimmon pudding -- gah. What do you want a recipe for? Send me what you want and I will post something for ya.

what's your advice on hair washing. in the morning or at night? at night you have potential bed-headedness. but in the morning i am too lazy to blow dry AND style. thank you thank you!have a beautiful day!p.s. i LOVE your humor!
I only wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week. And I almost always do it at night cause I want to spend all the time I can with my spawn in the mornings. If I am traveling I wash it in the morning though. So basically I was no help at all. But I am not a very normal girl.

theelizabethhighsmith said...
Dear Country Girl,I once made the grave error of getting a fitting at the local VS, i did it for the free lip gloss, not only should you not ask someone's size you shouldn't tell someone their size. I need therapy. Will you pray for me?That's not really my question, my question isdo you think ,given enough cupcake wine, scrunchies and crimpers could get a do-over?
Oh honey, we have all been there. I did the same thing at Victoria Secret. And I will never be the same again. But I still love the place and spend WAY too much of my paycheck there. Well, actually, I spend IJ's paycheck there. Cause it is for him and all. Amen.

Sweetie, I will do about anything for a bottle of Cupcake wine -- the Sav Blanc. Screw cap. Please book your ticket to the Plantation and we will stay up all night braiding each other's hair and painting our toe nails and giggling about boys.

Will you please write a tell all of life in the ministry? Seriously, pray tell? Sincerely,Elizabeth
This is really hard for me. It was one of the happiet times in my life cause I had this --But there is so much hurt from these three years that I cannot even begin to talk about it. Basically IJ got out of the Air Force for three years. We both felt we could be doing more...investing in we ditched it all and threw ourselves into the ministry. And I was a very UNtraditional pastor's wife. But we made it work. I had my two baby boys during this time and I worked mainly with the high school and college girls. They were my passion. And we took mission trips to truly make a difference and invest in others. And this is one child I will never forget...Nacho. Actually, I oragainzed these mission trips for 10 summers. Last summer I was set to take ET, but couldn't make it due to some work conflicts - we are all set to go again this summer if it works out. This is my passion. My love. Others.IJ preached and did all that stuff....I learned more from the compassion of those girls in those three years than I have from anything else in my life. We fundraised $30,000 each winter so we could go spend two weeks each summer trying to bring a smile to people who might not have realized they had a reason to smile. And honestly, those who I went to invest in, gave me more than I could ever give them - every single time. We built churches and schools and just loved on others. And we danced. We danced in the sun. We danced in the rain. We danced every day. Cause I believe in dancing. It always makes you smile. We developed relationships that we returned to and embraced year after year.
But the realtionship I developed with these teens and young adults remains to this day.
I spent so much time with this fine young lady. She stretched me, worried me, called me, and taught me.
And last summer we made the voyage to her wedding. And IJ hosted the ceremony and I cried like a proud momma the whole time.Cause at the end of the day, she taught me what life is all about --
OTHERS. And riding a horse bareback in the middle of Mexico to get a Dr Pepper, but that is a story for another time.
Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...
I love Cupcake Wine and music and Mexican food! Wow we could be like BFF's and everything :)Have a great weekend!
I will make the matchingt BFF t-shirts, bedazzle them, and put them in the mail. Amen.

Chris said...
Hey, CG!I totally get you...umm, I think? I only have one question but I think it might be a hard one. Do you miss being a stay at home mom? You know, like having all that extra time to get all those things done that don't get done now. Does that night owl miss being able to stay up late? The reason why I ask because I totally miss being a stay at home mom when I am working but I am so stir crazy when I am a stay at home mom. I can't seem to find a equal balance so I only work from Feb to June for the IRS.
You know I balance this everyday. But I tried being a stay at home mom for 6 months. And I was almost suicidal. I LOVE my job. Is it a strain on my family? At times, yes. Is it selfish of me? Maybe. But if I am not true to myself then what kind of example am I to my kids? And judgement from other moms is the insecurity in themselves. If you want to stay home __ STAY HOME. And if you need to work __ WORK. I don't think there is a right answer for all. I think you know yourself and you need to do what is right for your family. I gain so much satisfaction from my job. I love the people I work with. I love how I grow everyday. I love how people believe in me. I love investing in my team. I just love life. Love whatever it is you are doing. And don't let anyone transpose their insecurities on you. You are beautiful and perfect doing what it is you have a passion for.

Do I have it all together? LORD NO! I lie in bed sometimes and cry. Cry that I forgot BT's snack AGAIN. Cry that I cannot do it all. But I also cry that I have some of the best spawn this side of the Mississippi. And do we always get it right? NO. But we always do it in love. And if I can teach my kids that doing things out of love is more important that doing them right -- that your heart is more imprtant that your success -- then I think I have succeeded. I want my kids to know and to see that the important things are to work hard and treat people right. ET and I say that every morning together. If she gets that, then she can truly make a difference.

J said...
OH, Gooseberries! That brings back memories for's funny I had just mentioned them to a co-worker this week and she had no idea what I was talking about. :) My great-great aunt had Alzheimers, and my great-great uncle and I had picked a huge bowl full of gooseberries for pies. We left them on the counter and went out to do some yard work and when we came back in my Aunt had "pitted" all of them. SHe thought they were cherries. He was so disgusted. There was only like a cup full of mush left when she was done. Don't know why I just shared that with you....I guess I feel the same way as you do when you start a post. I don't really have a question, I think I have gotten all of my questions answered on other editions of "Ask CG"PS~I love Cupcake wine, too!
Kid you not, just got back from Whole Foods. And they had PINTS OF GOOSEBERRIES. I bought some and can't WAIT to have them.

Kim emailed ...
Do you look ridicuous when you get your hair highlighted? I want to go blonde but am afarid of how I will look getting it done.
I always look ridiculous. But I have become accustom to being embarassed. I live in that land. And honey we ALL LOOK RIDICULOUS getting out hair done. That's why we don't allow men in. I bet you look beautiful just they way you are, but if you want to come to the Deep South, I will make an appointment for two and we can look ridiculous together. I promise I will have you beat. in the hideous factor.
MM Good emailed...
IJ never smiles in your pictures, how do you get him to smile?
IJ and I are like oil and water. He is sooo - well, military. And I am so, well sorority. This is a wedding we went to, and I could not get him to smile in the picture....So I had to use my skillz.

See? You just gotta know his love language.

Mom2six emailed...
What would make you not go to the beach? would a hurricane keep you away? You seem to be obsessed with the ocean, is there anything it could do to keep you away.
NO! I love her and she loves me. Last summer there was a hurricane coming in -- as you can tell, I didn't care. I threw caution to the wind. We laugh in the face of danger. We go with the flow.... And love every minute of it.

Kari emailed ...
Have you ever listened to the song “She’s Country” by Jason Aldean? I heard it on the way home from work yesterday and I immediately thought of you. I guess that’s not a very good question, but I was wondering if you think you relate to that song. You should look it up and let us know what you think!
I had never heard it -- I do have the southern drawl, but nothing else in that song is accurate about me. No sexy swing and walk. I do have a trip and fall that I have mastered well though. Thanks, Kari -- I will aspire for this. :)

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Kathy said...

Sad that you need to move. BUUT Can you come to CA? I live near an airforce base :)

Kim said...

I vote for Calfornia!

theelizabethhighsmith said...

you told me a story with pictures, the best kind ever! i share your affinity for the ocean and "mission trips" don't leave the south, we can petition congress.