Sunday, May 4, 2008

Country Girl is One Year Old Today!

My Blog is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!! And I decided in celebration I was going to do all my favorite things today. Then I had to stop and think, what are my favorite things? Well, I love lists. I have an unhealthy passion for them. I spend more time writing lists than actually doing things on the list. This helps play into my personality weaknesses of denial and avoidance. I love those too. I accept all personality flaws and mental dysfunctions here at Country Girl. I am a lover, not a fighter.

So because I am in my avoidance personality role right now, I decided to make some lists about what I love, which turned into lists about a kazillion other things. Having said that, these are lists all about me. Now I know I lost 99% of the people that read this right there, and to the 1% still left, I beseech you dear brothers...turn...turn now from you wicked ways....close down this silly blog and read no farther. You are been warned.

Things I Love(As in I want to marry them and have their babies -- just for clarity)

  1. Dr. Pepper with Lime

  2. Vanilla Lattes

  3. Freshly Mowed Grass

  4. Cookouts

  5. Juno

  6. Shrimp cocktail

  7. Straws

  8. Thunder Storms

  9. Socks

  10. Toenail Polish

  11. Quoting Movie Lines

  12. Shoes

  13. Hot Dogs with Sauerkraut

  14. Acceptance

  15. Singing to the Radio

  16. With the Windows Down

  17. When the Temp is 82 degrees

  18. My Camera

  19. My Blackberry

  20. Family Traditions (Like This)

Things I Dislike

  1. The Word Hate

  2. Intentionally Mean People

  3. My Feet to be Dirty

  4. Wet Socks

  5. Vomit -- the smell, word, thought of it, act of it, every part of it

  6. Nuts (like the kind you eat, I love nutty people)

  7. Struggle

  8. Dirty Floors

  9. Judgement

Things I Want to Do

  1. Learn Spanish

  2. Ride a Camel

  3. Have/Adopt More Babies

  4. Succeed

  5. Be Loved

  6. See the Great Wall of China

  7. Write a Book

  8. Build a House

  9. Spend Every Moment I Can Investing in People

  10. Climb a Mountain (a very small one)

Things that Make Me Smile

  1. Sheets Out of the Dryer

  2. Jeans Out of the Dyer (BE CAREFUL)

  3. Newborn Baby's Crying

  4. My Kids' Giggling

  5. Pictures

  6. People Who Believe in Me

  7. Walks

  8. Cards

  9. Family

My Bad Habits

  1. Picking My Cuticles

  2. Talking WAY Too Much

  3. Eating WAY Too Fast

  4. Using the Word WAY Way Too Much

  5. Fonix and Spallin...But I Love Spell Check

Click HERE to read the rest of my confessions from last year. Don't say I didn't warn ya!


Pony Girl said...

Congratulations!! I hope I make it to one year! I just discovered your blog. You have a fun energy and your kids are adorable. Lots of great pictures. Keep it up and keep making lists! ;)

Working Mom said...

i'm talkin' 'bout this one! i pick my cuticles, i talk way too much i eat way too fast i probably use way way too much, i love thunderstorms and family and walks and pictures and babies and clean sheets and i don't like dirty feet (i will bust out a baby wipe at a moments notice if i need to) and dirty floors and mean hateful people and wet socks and vomit and judgmental get where i'm comin from.