Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ya'll Got Questions? I Got Answers. PART I

Well good golly Miss Molly, ya'll had some questions. I will answer in three posts. Try to contain your excitement.

This is the first random/miscellaneous/put you to sleep post. Trust me, if you have any ounce of respect left for me in your bones, it will be sucked dry if you read this post. So go churn some butter or field dress a moose. I am just sayin, it will be more productive than the next 10 minutes of your life if you read the below info.

I am warning you -- YOU WILL NEVER GET THIS 10 MINUTES BACK. And on your death bed, I think you might regret it. Or sooner -- like in 11 minutes.

Brandy said...
I would like to know what is on your Christmas wish list?
IJ and I really don't do Christmas for each other, just for the Twerps. BUT if I had a list I would put on it three (maybe four) things:

  1. Sponsor a Compassion Child
  2. This for my coffee house trips with my laptop
  3. A pony and a dolphin and an eagle (MT asked me to add those)
  4. Flip Video Camera
  5. Or an adopted kid from Africa.
    Because the regret of THIS POST still haunts me.
Scrappy Girl said...
How does IJ feel about your blogging?
He is fine with it. It keeps me quiet and away from askin him a kabillion questions.

How does he feel about your camera being a permanent attachment to your body?
He is fine with it. It keeps me quiet and away from askin him a kabillion questions.

HiHoOhio said...
Dream Girl, music is obviously important....can you sing?
Oh Lordy Be. I love music -- love love love it. And I cannot imagine my life without it. Music can affect my entire day. I put my ipod on in the morning and I am instantly transformed by the music. Bean burritos also have this affect.

I CAN sing -- but no one who has ears to hear wants to listen. The same is true of me dancing.

Casey said...
If you could kick one spouse off your base, who (in general terms) and why?
Honestly, I have only met the sweetest and most accepting spouses in the military. When IJ and I first got married I was probably the most immature and selfish military wife out there. The other -- more seasoned wives -- still loved and accepted me even through all my faults -- so if anyone had to get voted off the base....IT WOULD FO SHIZ HAVE TO BE ME!!!

Lo said...
Crunchy or smooth?
Smooth -- hands down and Jiffy.

Scrunchy or elastic?
Huh? socks? underwear? Cause I SO don't think I would want scrunchy underwear....Help a sister out. Hair ties? ELASTIC!

Bar soap or liquid? and what kind?
LIQUID. I will use shampoo before I use a bar. I totally dislike bar soap -- ICK to the EEE. It leaves a sticky film on me that won't rinse away. I like Dove and St Ives - Shea Butter.

What are your favorite socks in the whole wide world to wear?
(I personally prefer Hanes. They say 'Hanes' in PINK on the bottom!)
That is what ET wears. I tried those gold toe ones once and LOVED them but felt like a Papaw. I usually wear those fuzzy pink of course.

Do you ever paint your nails? What color?
Never -- If I have fake ones I do a french manicure. But I totally dislike my hands. I pick at my cuticles when I am nervous. You can tell my stress level by my fingers. So I try not to draw attention to the bloody mushy stubs.

What's your favorite beach?
I don't know if I have one....but Guam was beautiful..and the sand was shaped like tiny stars. I kid you not.

If you could take a vacation in the U.S. right now, anywhere, where would you go? Why?
Vermont or Colorado. I love the mountains. The thought of a secluded cabin near a quaint little town makes my skirt fly up.

Steph said...
Since you won't share your bra size, how about a story of how you and IJ met? Was it all mushy and romantic? Or did you go out with him out of morbid curiosity? Do tell!

Oh Honey Child, click here for OUR STORY .
J said...
How old were you and IJ when you got married?
I turned 20 in July and we married in September. This was the night before our wedding. We look so young...and insane,
Molly said...
Hi CG!! I was wondering how you came to the famous land of blogging? I stumbled upon it while I was recovering from my appendix rupturing and have fallen in love with posting.

I started back working full time at the state dept of education and was not going home to Indiana as often so I started this as a way for my parents and family to keep track of the daily activities of the Twerps. I never dreamed anyone else would even care...

Marchelle said...
How many Dr Peppers with lime can you drink in one sitting before you have to pee?
Three. And I still don't have to pee but IJ threatens divorce cause caffeine REALLY affects me.

What's your favorite candy?
Reese's. Or Hershey's and a tub of SMOOTH (Lo) peanut butter. And Orange Tic Tacs.

So IJ is in the USAF. Does he have the dish on the aliens that crashed at Roswell? Look, we're not stupid. we know it happened. and you guys are tight so i know he's told you, and you can share it with us. we are your BFFs and we would NEVER tell ANYONE. cross my heart and hope to die. stick a needle in my eye. well, not my eye. lo will take one for the team i bet, we'll stick it in her eye. but i will pinky swear.

IJ is out of town but I called him up this mornig and you can see the transcribed conversation below:

Me: Do you have the scoop on the aliens at Roswell?
IJ: No. No. No. You have to be bigger league than me to know about stuff like that.

Me: Have you over heard anything about it in those Top Secret Meeting?
IJ: We usually don't have aliens on the agenda.

Me: You can trust me. I won't tell anyone. It will be just between me and you.
IJ: Have you been drinking?

Trust me. He knows something. I am sure of it.

ptamom3 said...
Raising girls or boys- Which is easier?

It is SO SO SO different. Boys are MUCH more active. MUCH. ET would have NEVER rode her bike off a retaining wall or put butter in her underwear or cracked a dozen eggs open in my kitchen looking for baby chicks or jumped off the deck cause they had on a batman cape and knew they would be safe.
She never thought farts (or as she calls them "puffers") were funny or tried to burp her ABCs or pee on anyone.

But I will have to buy her a bra and talk to her about boys and Aunt Flo and help her shave her armpits.

I think it is a trade off.

How do you instill respect for their elders?
I beat them. The Twerps, not the elders. I kid. I kid. I totally think it is by ACTIONS. I try to show them how to act. And I PRAISE them to pieces when they do it right. And I tolerate nothing less than doing it right.

I also do not mind correcting them...if they just say "YEAH." I ask, "Excuse me?" Cause they know I have a black belt (from Limited) and will use it.

Natural hair color?
I was born with black hair. I had red hair as a toddler. It was dark brown in elementary. I was destined to be calico. But, now? If I had to guess? Brown, but probably gray by now. I hope I never find out.

Have you kept ANY presents for the kids a secret or have you gave them all to them already?
Just the Wii. BUT, I am not shopping until the weekend before Christmas. I have NO self control.

Brandy said...
What ever happened to the perv-o that lived down the street?
We don't go outside now. Seriously.

edie said...
1. What kind of foundation/powder do you use?
Sephora - Bare Minerals -- I would marry it and have its babies. Seriously. And if I don't use it, I look like this...

2. Are you traveling for the holidays?
Nope. Stayin in the ghetto.

3. What is your religious affiliation?
Non denominational -- But I love and accept all faiths and religions -- as long as you are a lover and not a fighter. But we are total holy rollers -- minus the snakes and animal sacrifices.

4. Do you collect anything?
NEVER - and I want to SO SO badly. And just last week I decided what it will be. And I can't WAIT to get started and share it with you. But I will say this : It involves my two loves.

5. What movie character is most like your personality?
Realistically? Legally Blonde -- Reese Witherspoon.
In my make-believe world? Meg Ryan or Kate Hudson

6. What do you find is the hardest part about working?

7. Who's your favorite pro football team?
I am more of a college football girl myself. Boomer? But if I had to pick -- the Steelers. Although I might be becoming partial to the New Orleans Saints.

8. Tell us about any roller rink experience in your past. Did you own your own skates? Pompom on the toe?
I went once a year with my church. Then when I started teaching and IJ was away, I went every Friday night because my sixth grade students were being dropped off there UNSUPERVISED and I did not like what was going on. And they bought me pink glitter pompoms...I kid you not. And not to brag....but I am the QUEEN of the limbo.

9. Do you ever find blogging to be a burden?
I have never. I have more posts in my head than I have time to write. I have never had writer's block. There are always thoughts running through this head of mine. Sane ones? Well that is another story.

Linda said...
If you could go anywhere, vacation anywhere where would you go, what would you do? Safari? Diving?
Africa: Rwanda, Congo, and Dafur

feather k said...
How old were you when you lost your first tooth?
I have no idea -- Mom? Mom??

I do remember I was scared of the Tooth Fairy so I would put my tooth on the kitchen table for her to put the money there. It seemed a little weird to me that my parents were okay with letting strange fairies in my room at night -- to steel my teeth and lift my pillow up...I doubted their parenting skills.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?
Betty Kain - Senior Honors English. Because her heart was so pure. And she TRULY cared about people. And one time, my Senior year, I was reading Beowulf outloud and I stumbled on several words and she could tell I was getting she gracefully broke in to "explain" the scene and save me. As she did so, she gave me a little wink. She had me at that wink.

Who would check on your dogs when you were pulling a double and set off the alarm?
You - My BFF of all times. And the person who has known me since I was 21 and still loves me. And because I love you so much I did not post the next pic in this sequence of events. But do you remember us every Super Bowl Sunday? We were such dorks.

Okay -- I was. You were actually pretty good. You can tell I tried REALLY hard to catch was like it might have been an after thought. Oh Lordy Be. I was 21. Cut me some slack.Okay. I might have been 25. Maybe 26. But fo shiz in my twenties. and why does it look like I MIGHT possibly be in charge in this huddle. This was most definitely a bad idea.Who is your favorite person in the world whose name starts with F?
Frank....but if you mean female....FEATHER! (PS I kid. I kid. You know it is you.)

Dana and Daisy said...
How do you ever keep that slender figure of yours? Again, no judgin' here but it seems to me when you show pics of you eatin' you have a healthy appetite. What do you do? Like starve all the days in between food posts? Or what? Cause I would like to join the Country Girl Diet plan if you have one.

Ha ha ho ho hee hee giggle giggle snort. Slender figure? Ha Ha ho ho hee hee hee....this is why I show no naked pics. I kid. I kid.

Really, I eat whatever I want. I am not a big meat eater -- but I love a good steak. My thing, I guess, is moderation. I eat small portions. Like usually kid's meals. (Unless I am at McDonald's then I get a Big Mac and super size fries...BUT a small diet coke -- I KID I KID)

When I am full, I stop eating. Unless I can't help myself. And I am VERY active. I have more energy than I know what to do with and I dance -- in front of the mirror, in front of the TV, in my car, in my office, in the shower......but don't tell anyone.

I also weigh myself often. If I gain ANY weight (like more than 3 pounds) -- I change my food intake IMMEDIATELY. Or I dance more. Hey, whatever it takes.

Writer Chick said...
IJ--tighty whitys, boxers or commando?

If one of your twerps reported you to family services for being the meanest mom in the world, which one would do it and why? (not like I think you're a mean mom, but we all know that one of of our kids would squeal us out given the opportunity.)
ET - the others don't know my warped parenting is abnormal yet. They think ALL parents act this way. I am most certain this will be addressed in therapy.

If you are all like MAN SHE DID NOT ANSWER MINE -- WHAT A WENCH. I promise I will get to ALL others is Part II and III.

I know. I know. The anticiapation is killin ya.

I hope you still big pink fuzzy heart with glitter love me,


Marchelle said...

um, exsqueeze me? baking powder?
a kids meal?! SHYEAH! as if!! i seem to remember a bic mac being purchased????

Dana and Daisy said...

Oh thanks for rattin her out Marchelle!

I think it must be the dancin'.

Jenn said...

I love all the Q&A!! Thanks for sharing! :)

feather k said...

ha...flag football...goodness!!! You were in charge of that huddle...talking...not football is your thing...ya know :)

feather k said...

ok...i went back to look at the pics i in the air in the first one...and i think i remember thinking...she's so going to pull a lucy from peanuts on me...and i am going to wipe out... ;)

Scrappy Girl said...

I pick my cuticles and fingers when I am nervous too...I have been known to go out of the house with 3-4 bandaids covering my fingers...bad habit! Wish I could break it.

Anonymous said...

So I took Ryan to his truck tonight at Cataylst and we look over and your car is there. We were like awe it looks EXACTLYY like IJ's old car. we both shared a moment of how much we miss yall.

CindyDianne said...

I totally approve of the laptop protector! ;-)

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

Tiff --

I miss you. Email me your address at OSU -- I want to send you a christmas card.

we gave cassidy our car -- she is such a sweetie and needed it. And deserved it!! So you might be seein it a lot. How is Ryan? How is school? I thought you were gonna get me a ticket to OSU v OU? What happened?

I am still gonna come visit and you have to take me to Eskimo Joe's..... MMMMM-KAY?

I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!!

YOU ARE MEANT FOR GREATNESS! I mean that. Tiff - I have never seen a girl with more potential than YOU! Don'e EVER give up or sell yourself short.

I will come spank you!!